Who is Ambazonia Coalition Team (ACT), aka, Team Ambazonia?

Ambazonia Coalition Team (ACT), also referred to as, Team Ambazonia, is made up of ten stakeholders [frontline groups]: AIPC, APLM, FSCW, MoRISC, IG, SCARM, SCAPO, SCNC, RoA, RoAN, Civil Society and independent persons. This grouping of frontline movements is committed to finding lasting, just and a permanent peaceful solution in the war in Ambazonia. To that end, ACT will explore, exploit and prosecute her engagement to return the Former United Nations Trust Territory of the Southern British Cameroons aka Ambazonia, [the Former Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons].

ACT grew out of the recommendation of the international community through organs of the United Nations, African Union, European Union, United States, Great Britain, and several civil society organizations for the need for a peaceful negotiated settlement to the on-going war in Ambazonia now described as another Rwanda in slow motion. Through the combined efforts, access to internal and external expertise, in collaboration with Friends of Ambazonia around the world, and through consultation with the people of Ambazonia, ACT will explore, exploit and prosecute judiciously her engagement for the full recognition of Ambazonia as a nation among nations in the world.

ACT was founded in 2019 after extensive consultations with various political, self-defense, and civil society groups in the homeland and the diaspora. Pursuant to its mission, ACT is committed to working with all likeminded movements, groups, individual stakeholders, civil society groups, and nation states who believe in its mission of right to statehood and sovereignty.


Ambazonia are a people entitled to rights to statehood

Act’s mandate to build, strengthen, manage, and prepare for negotiation with La Republique du Cameroun emanates from UNGA Res. #1608. This mandate was further reaffirmed by La Republique du Cameroun’s Law 84/01 and HCB 28/92. Earlier decisions by the Government of La Republique du Cameroun paved the way for any impending negotiations process.

The independence and union option imposed on the people of Ambazonia by the United Nations was subverted by La Republique du Cameroun even before it was realized. Namely, the imposition by La Republique du Cameroun of martial law and its internal governing structures over Ambazonia in fact and in law. President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun admitted this in an interview with Mo Ibrahim in Paris during a celebration marking World Peace Day in 2019. The dissolution by La Republique du Cameroun of the putative Federal-equal-in-status Federation and subsequent declaration of war by President Paul Biya against Ambazonia in which atrocity crimes of unimaginable intensity and gravity are being committed against Ambazonia eviscerates the putative union between Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun. ACT is the guarantor of the independence mandate of Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia that was granted by the United Nations in 1961 Res. 1608.

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